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angel_jez's Journal
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Sunday, March 1st, 2009
11:48 pm
A definition of irony
Johnny and I went out last night to a love music/hate racism fundraiser gig, had a few drinks had a good time. On the way home we were walking down the road when a car puled up on the other side, thinking they wanted directions we stopped but no they didnt want directions, the asian youths sat in the car just wanted to shout abuse at us mainly of the 'you freaks' variety.
Considering where we had just come from I found this all a tad ironic and it made me question weather or not I wanted to support anymore anti racism events if thats how asian youths view alternative subcultures.
Sunday, September 21st, 2008
9:33 pm
Ive quit my job and start uni tomorrow, arghhh petrified its like starting school all over again!!
Been very busy going to gigs and sorting stuff out its all sorted now, divorce is finalised etc etc.
Johnny and I are fine, very happy and hes coming to Whitby with me

Thats all I have time for (as they say in the cartoons)

Aj xx
Sunday, March 2nd, 2008
9:49 pm
sorry I am rubbish
sorry for not posting for a while Ive been busy what with moving and spending time with Johnny, I dont get online as much as I used to. We're currently doing the siouxsie tour well all of the dates except Glasgow as we're at Numan that night. Booked for Whitby but hopefully Ill have time to post another update before then. My divorce should be through by then with a bit of luck and I can have a Whitby divorce party!!
Take care

Current Mood: busy
Thursday, December 20th, 2007
10:02 pm
merry christmas!
Well Merry Christmas to you all sorry I havent been online much lately Ive been rather busy Ahem.
Its been a hell of a year but its currently ending on a high note which will hopefully last well into the new year, Im thinking positive.
Anyhows love to you all, eat too much drink too much love everyone and make full use of that mistletoe goddammit!!
Aj xxxx

Current Mood: loved
Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
10:35 pm
me me me
Im a VERY happy angel at the moment, I have a new Bf and hes lovely!! Not telling you any more la la la la la

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
9:36 pm
life and its little oddities!!
Sorry I havent posted for ages but things have been crap here, 5 deaths, one divorce (still pendiing) one house sale or buyout by ex husband and one severe RTA involving a very good friend oh all that on top of usual crap and one spectacular WGW well whole week in Whitby actually and a couple of nice times at Malmaison Mmmmmmm
Im ok though, looking to move avay up north somewhere near Whitby.
Ive gone back to a pillar box red bob with my hair as well, I consulted all my male friends as to which would be best and the virdict was red so its red and so is the bath room and a little bit of the cat. I always do something to my hair when Im stressed at least I didnt shave it all off this time.
I should be at wendyhouse Malmaison permitting, no I havent won ther lottery I just dont have someone keeping tabs on my credit card spending anymore, yea!!

Love you all mwah mwah
Aj xxxx

Current Mood: naughty
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
11:35 am
its been a long time baby!
Ages and ages and ages since I last updated, Naughty Angel!!
weeelll, Ive moved house and am now back in Derby away from the hell hole known as Long Eaton, Ive never hated living some where quite as much as I hated there and Ive lived in quite a few places, still its all over now.
Still trying to get my life into some sort of order but still seem to be lurching from one crisis to the next, dont think that will ever change though.
Had a wonderful April Whitby, really good to catch up with everyone, someone ought to do a inbetweeny Whitby meet up though it has the potential to all get very silly and out of hand I suppose.
Got lots of upcoming events familywise but still hoping to do at least one goth event a month Im determined to NEVER become that Hausfrau again!! I suppose I really aught to start sourcing fabrics for October Whitby outfits but it still seems so far away though if I worked out my actual sewing hours left I suspect I would be getting worried, I takes a long time to do two evening outfits especailly on the scale that Im thinking this time! The other good news sewingwise is that I sould be able to have a proper studio here as theres plenty of space, thought my mess making seems to be prorata so Im sure Ill soon fill it all up!
Went to a school reuninion on friday (can it really be 20 years since I left?) well what can I say? I was the only goth there, the only nontrendy, non middleaged person as well, please please tell me Im not old and boring like them!! God, most of them would have a Epi if they went to the places I frequent!! Still it takes all sorts to make a world.
think its that school reunion thats forced me into a midlife crisis, Ive been test driving sports cars, though all the ones I like are too small, Ie no boot space for shopping! Still looking though I quite fancy a Saab 93 though they are a bit on the expensive side or a Evo, though the insurance for thats horrendous, even for an old bird like me! I still like Pt cruisers too though they do seem to be the goth car of choice so that puts me off a bit though you do get a lot for your money. Decisions decisions, and Im not very good at them!!
I wont leave it as long next time folks.......
Take care
Monday, July 31st, 2006
12:01 am
thought Id better write something in this thing and get things up to date.
Got my new tattoo done 10 days ago had my ribs done in the end, its half finished after 5 hours!! got to go back in a month and have the other half done, its 50s style swallows on my ribs, Ive had the right side done got to go back for the left.
Went to rock city on saturday night for Mels birthday had a fab night bumped into theresa who tattooed my back, that was how she recognised me actually, havent seen her for ages she doesnt work tuesdays so I always seem to miss her at the studio.
Off back to city next weekend for Nats birthday so will be drunk again!!
I will definately be at august wendyhouse trying to decide weather or not to book a hotel and drink or drive back to notts on the same night, if Mel hasnt moved by then I can stay at her house so dont want to book anything til I know more on that front.
The only other thing of note I have done is dye my hair pillar box red, people seem to like it and I love it so its staying for a bit at least until after sexy sunday.
stay safe,
Angeljez xx

Current Mood: mischievous
Monday, July 10th, 2006
7:59 pm
about bloody time too!!
Hi there folks thought I needed to update as its been ages...........
Well what have I been up to, went to Whitby for the WDS ball really good didnt want to come back as usual, think my car knows its own way there now it certainally spends a loy of time on the M1! Had a few parties, barbaques and weddings to go to so have been very busy socially. Baby sister went for her brain scan last week we should know more about whats wrong with her by the end of the month, not knowing is a nightmare. Had more hospital stuff today my sister in law is 32 weeks pregnant and they think shes going to have the baby this week, shes insulin dependant diabetic and her sugars all gone to pot witch means the babys in distress so there pumping her full of steroids to mature the babys lungs asap so it should be ok even if its very small.I have had more than my fair share of hospitals over the past few years hope this will soon come to a end and everyone will be well again.
Things in the future...... Well I should be at Gotherham bar any traumas and august wendyhouse looks a distinct possiblility, Whitbys a bit of a disaster as I can only do sexy sunday, cant take the weekend off as Im off for the following two weeks so I can go to Mexico and drink tequila, yum!! Got to travel down to Gatwick( AKA second circle of hell) via Nottingham on the monday! Still thinking about All about new years eve will have to see how funds pan out but will probably be there want to be there anyway.
Have got to go and see Ben later this week hes tattooing me next tuesday and as usual I have changed my mind about what Im having, he was supposed to be doing clouds on my back but I want him to start the robins on my ribs then do the clouds to join everything up think its better to have the work done on my ribs before I lose any more weight. Talking of weight Ive now lost 3 stone but none of it off my boobs, yes I hear cheering from some quarters but Im worried about over balancing and falling over even more than usual!!
Watched a fair bit of the football, ok, ok I ogled rio ferdinand but I still watched the matches I like the atmosphere you get in the pub when an England match is on, I watherd the england/portugal game in the little A with a couple from sheffield.
Going to go for an ogle fest now actually, all the rammstein vids mmmmmm Till as a fireman SCRUMPTIOUS!!
On that note Ill be off,
keep smiling and take care,
Angeljez XX

Current Mood: horny
Monday, June 5th, 2006
11:13 pm
hello there folks,
havent updated for a while things have been a bit busy what with the house sorting to put it up for sale and my newly aquired social life!! Been out to a couple of parties and to Rock City with Mels to see Dogs D'amour who were better than I expected. Off out with Mels in Leeds for wendyhouse next weekend, apparently Im being taken to a cocktail bar before to drink martinis with her and Shane (her BF) so if you see me in there I may be a tad squiffy!! Hopefully I will get back to their house in one piece.
Finally got inspiration for a Whitby outfit I have to start early cause it takes me so long to source stuff as Im so pernickity about fabrics, they have to be right. I cant really start it til Jim gets back and as hes at the TT this week it will have to wait for a bit, eek that only leaves me 4 months!!
Got another party this weekend mighty have to practise drinking at this one so I dont embarass myself too much when Im in Leeds, well not through my drinking anyhows!!
Got to take baby sister to hospital tomorrow Im absolutely dreading it Ive spent far to long in those places over the past few years and even though its not for me I still get that dread feeling when I go in, eughck! I cant make her go on the bus though, she has epilepsy and shes going for a 24hour brainwave so she has to have all these wires stuck to her head it wouldnt be much fun to have to catch the bus home like that. Its the second to last thing shes got to have done before we know whats happening properly, shes got to have a brain scan in July. All the waitings getting her down and theyve took her driving licence off her so shes seriously fed up.
Got another wedding to do this sat, so early start hope theres some breakfast at the hotel.
stay safe, love,
AngelJez XX

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
10:29 pm
belated weekend update
Hello there!
Well the party was good on saturday, I spent most of the night chatting to the only other goth in the room. The funniest thint of the entire night was when this lad asked if the husband was my dad hahahahaha!!!! The oil of olay must be working, either that or its got something to do with that moldering picture of moi in the attic!!
Didnt do a lot on sunday watched a film and tried to get inspired for a whitby costume so I can start sourcing fabrics but I have no inspiration arrgghh, I will end up having to sew in my room at the b & b if it carries on.
Went to leicester today to pick up my boots they are fantastic I totally reccomend HayWay shoes for quick sevice and low cost I will be wearing them at every opportunity from now on. Picked up a few bits and bobs in Leicester and a fantastically sexy dress (in dorothy perkins of all places) but due to horrid traffic jam had to go to bed when I came home as my nuralgia flared up, I must go and see a doctor about it (again) sometime.
Much merriment is to be had this weekend as my mate Mel is coming down from Leeds and we are off to see dogs d'amour at rock city its actually an all nighter but dont think I can manage all night anymore at my advanced years! My social lifes really had an upswing in the past few weeks, I decided while I was at whitby that hausfraudom wasnt for me and I needed a life, Im now knackered all the time but at least Im having a good one!!
Also had new haircut at the weekend, its a severe black bob with a very short frindge a la liza minelli in caberet (except its got red flashes in the sides)I am now a gay icon! But thank God for my GHDs I definately couldnt manage without them now.
anyway my eyes hurt so Im off to bed,
take care and have fun if thats not a contradiction in terms!!
Lv, Angeljez X

Current Mood: groggy
Thursday, May 18th, 2006
10:37 pm
Yes I will be at october WGW! We are definately not going to south America so I will be there from thursday to sunday which incedentally is my birthday. Ooooh sexy birthday at sexy sunday! Hmmm perhaps I ought to stay til tuesday so I can get over the hangover and be safe to drive.
Oh happy happy joy joy
Monday, May 15th, 2006
11:19 pm
just catching up
Well hello there chickens!
Not been up to much lately, still sulking over the garage not giving me a good enough deal on my px so I could have that Pt cruiser but Im all over that now, isnt gin a wonderful thing?!!
As if looks like South America wont be happening I booked my Whitby accomodation at the weekend , good job I did I took their last room, the nice ladys given me a twin for the price of a single and Ive go a sea view ( not that that matters to me) so Im very happy, just need some decent bands on and Ill be well away!
Not up to tooo much this week got quite a lazy one, got to source some fabrics and thats about it (apart from regular work at the salon that is).Got a party to go to on saturday its a punk 40th one and all the girlwhos it is family are crazy so it should be very good and very debauched, hope my new boots come in time I want to go as a dominatrix..
On that note.............
keep safe,
Lv, Angeljez X

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, May 1st, 2006
9:50 pm
well its another bank holiday weekend come and gone, I am still off tomorrow though so its not too bad. Went into notts on saturday night just an average one, lots of old punk mates out though so that was nice to catch up with them. Strange thong that happened, whilst we were in the tap and tumbler a strange bloke came over and told me I had the best cleavage he'd ever seen (obviously this man has never been to WGW!!) I was in a corset at the time. Had loads of people in there ask where I bought my stuff then ask me why I didnt have a website when I told them I made my own stuff. Must get that sorted very soon methinks!
Had a barbacue on sun to celebrate wedding anniversary had 35 people in my back garden, good job its a big one (oooer wheres Hazel when you need her!!) shouldnt have done it really, cant cope with that many people to cater for and the cats had panic attacks and had to be shut in the bedroom.
The main news of the weekend though folks is................
JIM GETS THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mate jim (accident and emergency) and his mate chris have got through to the next round of the Xfactor, they are punk performance artists and their audition piece was to sing 'needles and pins' whilst lying on a bed of nails, apparently a camera crew was present and immideately recorded them. The next round of audition is when they perform in front of Sharon Osbourne and co she'll think shes back on tour with Ozzy!!Jims going to teach me how to breathe /eat fire and do angle grinding so I can incorporate it into my burlesque act (when I finish learning how to fandance and do the seven veils properly) Hopefully 'Miss Jezabell Hurt' (fetish burlesque performance artist)will be up and running next year! Well unless he wins the Xfactor then we'll have to see!!
Take care and be safe bunnies,
Angeljez XX

Current Mood: pleased
Friday, April 28th, 2006
9:43 pm
whoopie doo its the weekend!
that was sarcasm by the way. I wish it was last weekend still or would fast forward to july and the WDS ball. Off out in notts tomorrow night, think I will dress up though and scare my trendy mates, one thing about wearing a corset in trendy pubs is that I get served first as long as the bar staff are male hahahah!!
Got two weddings to do tomorrow will have to keep the valium handy nervous brides makes for nervous hairdressers so I ahve the coice of druggging myself or drugging them either was it makes for a quieter life!
Got to go and see mr Bavin about some lessons in computers he teaches for learn direct now but was a programmer and did some other computery stuff so I will enlist his help in making me fully computer literate instead of just being able to use the net.
I will become an unbimbo!!!!
Had a lovely mail off my Dez today will have to get up to northumberland very soon, I really need to win the lottery working just gets in the way of my social life far too much!!
stay safe,
angeljez X
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
10:35 pm
firstly Id like to thank blondelass for taking the picture on the saturday at the spa and also very very big thanks to vin_petrol for taking the time to sort it out for me and talk me through how to add it to my LJ. I am a bimbo at times and am fairley new to this computer mlarkey, now I know how to do it I will put some more photos up!
stay safe,
Angeljez X

Current Mood: pleased
Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
2:16 pm
well Im back down to earth after whitby, it was quite possibly the best one yet for me both musicaly and mates wise! So thats my April whitby cherry popped Ill definately do another april one, its a lot more relaxed and dosent seem to have the frantic 'I MUST look fabulous darling'ness of october. The only downside is I think I had my drink spiked on the friday, Ive had a drink spiked before and know how I feel the morning after. If you did spike my drink, you know who you are and ha ha ha it didnt work did it!
The drive home was pretty uneventful I couldnt go for my usuall dinner at the transport cafe dur to my outfit, think the sight of my knockers in a corset would have cause some of the truckers to have a heart attack!! Ended up going a different way home yet again (how many more ways home can there be?)
Got to unpack later today, I hate doing that, it means its finally over all the clothes back in the wardrobe :-(
Roll on the WDS ball in July
stay safe all
AngelJez XX

Current Mood: depressed
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